Newspaper War Breaks Out In Mumbai

0 Comments Dozens of teenagers dressed in blue Hindustan Times T-shirts are the latest soldiers in a media war stirring on the streets of Mumbai. The youngsters, who stop the locals to ascertain what they would like to read every day, are preparing for the New Delhi-based paper’s launch in Mumbai later in the summer. They are in battle with the ‘Daily News and Analysis’, or DNA, which will also hit the newsstands in September and has put up more than 150 billboards in the city as well as fielding its own team of bright young market researchers. Both newspapers are hoping to break the local domination by leading English-language daily ‘Times of India’ and capture a growing pool of advertisers and readers in the city of almost 20 million people.
In an early counter-attack, the ‘Times of India’s parent company Bennett Coleman launched ‘The Mumbai Mirror’ on Monday, an English-language daily tabloid, to deflect the new competition.

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