Mobile E-mail Set To Explode In India


Silicon India: More Indians are expected to use their mobile handsets to access e-mail. This phenomenon is now at a nascent stage, with a market penetration of just 5-10 percent. However, six to 12 months down the line, the scenario is expected to look radically different, with major players expecting technological advancements to drive growth.
The biggest inhibitor to accessing e-mail through mobile has been cost, which in turn is due to the technology in use at present. For instance, at present, Hutch is trying to replicate the laptop experience through Smart Phones and Pocket PCs. This, however, comes at a hefty price tag, Rs 11,000 ($244) to Rs 18,000 ($400) in the case of Smart Phones and Rs 25,000 ($555) to Rs 40,000 ($888).
The other option is access to e-mail via SMS, where the user pays for accessing mail. This again turns out to be expensive, as the user pays a monthly charge plus an additional amount for SMS.

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