Mobile Apps & the Wireless Data Quandry

Earlier this week, I had a chance to attend the Under The Radar event, a fashion show of sorts of new companies currently seeking funding. I would not like to go into the specifics of which companies impressed the most, but instead I would like to focus on an over arching theme of the show. Many if not most of the start-ups I came across, had an idea that they could sell a lot of services over wireless carriers’ networks.

Streaming radio shows, downloading videos, photo and music sharing – if you can do it on the web-top, well there is an unshakeable belief that it will be done on the mobile devices. Their rote response was since data is becoming a large part of the carrier ARPU, they are more than willing to grant audience to any “start-up with a service” that can help them get a few more dollars from consumers, especially if it means signing flat rate data plans that can pad their revenues by $10-to-$20 a month. I don’t blame the carriers, for they in the business of making money.

That maybe so! But is cramming more and more data into the wireless pipes a wise thing to do? It is bound to have a detrimental impact on the quality of the networks, even 3G networks, when and if they roll out. Will there be a “wireless hourglass” that will become signature of an overused infrastructure.

My primary concern is voice calls. I have cut the cord, and only use a wireless phone for all my communication. But now I have started to worry! Today most carriers fail to live up to their primary role as voice service providers. After all and many a times we have thrown the phone in anger and frustration over dropped calls. I just want a phone that works – everywhere.

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