Citrix buys Netscaler

Matt Marshal is batting better thank the Yankees. He just hit one right out of the park and scooped everyone on this most interesting development: Citrix buying NetScaler for $326 million. NetScaler, is one of the many companies that are in the business of “web acceleration” which basically means speeding up applications for use over the wide area network. Recently these companies have become acquisition bait. Cisco bought FineGround Networks only recently. Juniper got into the game with its Peribit/Redline acquisitions. The idea here is pretty simple – as more and more companies rely on broadband and faster pipes they need to bring the applications to match the speeds of those pipes. This is also redemption for BV Jagdeesh, who founded the company a few months after exiting Exodus, a real-estate company masquerading as a data center and a bubble era darling.