Another Mobile TV Broadcasting Technology

Technoprises has entered into an agreement with CelluCast Technologies to commercialize new and improved solution and applications for cellular network operators in the field of mobile television broadcasting…CelluCast’s breakthrough scalable solution provides TV and video data channels for existing 2G and 3G Network Operators infrastructure and outperforms DVB-H, ISDB-T, T-DMB, S-DMB and other solutions with comparable results without investments for base stations and separate frequency bands. The solution promises to dramatically alter the mobile content value chain and the relationships between Network Operators, Video Data Producers and End Users.”
That’s a big call…the whole point of broadcast technologies is that they take bandwidth heavy content off the mobile networks, how can something on the mobile network have the same effect? No mention of MediaFLO, I noticed…wouldn’t it be great if just once a technological industry could agree on a standard?
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