The Future of TV: Newsweek Cover


newsweektv1.jpgNewsweek’s international edition has a series of stories on the future of TV, focusing on the digital revolution.

Changing Channels: How TV is gettting reinvented, with broadband and mobile…IPTV, mobile video, DVR, SMS voting, the works. “Already, CBS has plans to post two or three separate endings for its popular “CSI” series on the Web, and the broadcaster is also looking into VOD over the Internet.”

Analysts like Sanford Bernstein’s Tom Wolzien believe that content makers have a “once in a generation” opportunity right now to start distributing their products directly to consumers via the Internet. By cutting out the middleman, he believes companies like Disney, Viacom and Liberty could increase their revenues by as much as 50 percent over the next few years. Broadcasters who also own their own product, like News Corp., major commercial networks, public broadcasters like the BBC and other content makers, would also stand to gain…”

Television Reloaded: Time-shifting, screen-shifting, space-shifting and everything else in between.

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