Student Tablet PC- Organizing with GoBinder

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I try to write most of my productivity articles by explaining how I have set up for a particular task, or how I do something in the real world.  This type of article allows readers to see how I go about a given task and from the feedback I get I think people take more from them than simply reviewing a product.  Not surprisingly, I enjoy reading this type of article from others for the same reasons.  Tracy Hooten of The Student Tablet PC has written a nice article describing how she has organized her life and school work using GoBinder from Agilix.  Tracy shows how she has arranged her schedule in GoBinder with a lot of detail covering the organization of her notes, and she covers using her own Organizer add-in.  Anyone confronted with the same situation will get a lot of good info from the article and even those curious about GoBinder can get a look at how it might fit into your work style.  Nice article, Tracy.

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Bob Heiny

This is a good article for teachers to read also, with great tips for organizing personal and professional aspects of daily life.

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