Intel/AOpen Mini


Pictures of the Intel and AOpen equivalent of the Mac Mini are starting to hit the net.

There’s also an interesting article at Wired on the box.

It looks very similar; but the internals are obviously very different. Most notable, as far as I’m concerned, is the include of the Pentum M, actually a very fast little CPU that has advantages from being placed in such a small case; because it was originally a laptop CPU, which has similar cooling problems, yet with the need for performance, it makes an ideal little solution to the SFF problem.

The Pentium M includes some advanced power management and the ability to quickly and dynamically ramp up speed when required. I own a couple of laptops with the technology and there’s not a lot these CPUs can’t do.

The Pentium M is also much faster than the VIA low-power, SFF CPUs – I have a 1GHz unit running in the lounge for watching video (captured on cheap AMD PCs in the server room).

I’ll certainly be getting one of the Intel/AOpen units. But will it beat my Mac Mini? Difficult to tell. If the price point is similar, there’s a real chance it could steal some of the thunder. But the Mini has more going for it than a simple form factor choice. The iPod effect, Mac OS X and much more help to make the Mac Mini an attractive box regardless of the hardware inside.



It’s very nice of them to show their admiration of Jonathan Ive’s design team’s brilliance by out and out plagirism


hehe.. to be quite honest, I think it is ugly. They should have put that big button on the back and there shouldnt be that logo on the front. But either way, its not going to touch apple’s ratings. I mean heck, people aren’t buying the mac mini because of its looks (even though it may help) but because it is a friggin cheap mac with ok specs! Well thats how I see it.. no one that I know of would buy the mac mini if it cost as much as a PMG5….

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