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The HTC Universal is shaping up to be a fine Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition and ePrice has some nice photos of the "mini-laptop" on their site.  The Universal is expected to ship with the new Windows Mobile 5.0, UMTS/ WCDMA, VGA screen, camera, a lot of memory, 520 MHz processor, SD, WiFi and Bluetooth.  What a powerhouse!


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This comment is about suggestion to manufacturers to update ‘HTC Universal’ models’ capabilities – to get it back in the game
(cause this model really deserves it)

First, a statement:

HTC Universal is unsurpassed in its ‘superbness’. Yes, nowadays there are mobile phones/Pocket PC’s with better specs, but they all lack the charizmatic spirit – the soul HTC Universal has.

I didn’t really feel a serious need for Pocket PC up until recently – the old stuff was really sufficient for me – I have an old type (primitive) CASIO PDA (SF-4900Z yea’ oldschool really) which serves me well…
…but recently I felt a need for a newer type of PDA/camera/phone…all-in-one (read: Pocket PC) – mostly for full Internet on the go really. Additionaly I wanted it to resemble form of my old CASIO (cause that’s the way I like it – that’s the way PDA has to be (for me at least)). That means I’ve set myself a prerogative: my new Pocket PC must open like a book, with horizontal screen on one half and QWERTY keyboard on the other. So – OK – that’s it! I started searching.

Soon enough I’ve stumbled accross ‘i-mate JASJAR’ – and afterwards – better yet – a cool black version (with red-glowing key letters in dark (unlike O2 XDA EXEC which glows blue! proof:, I’ve found official HTC Universal.
(Obviously: I didn’t know it exists up until recently… And maybe it’s a good thing – because – I see what price such cool tempting device had back in 2005. (right?) when it showed up…)

That is THE perfect example of what I search for. Great – I’ve found it. I’ve definitively found my PDA/Pocket PC!

But as I’ve said – now there are units with better specs… VERY tempting…
Nevertheless – I say – the fight is not lost for HTC Universal! (I see there are other HTC ‘laptop-like’ models, but non of them resemble the Universal’s design perfection (as I interpret it).)

So –
make an updated (upgraded) version of HTC Universal with this order of imperatives:
1. same general appearance
2. better camera (like sony quality (fast capture, clear picture) and not less than 2Mpix for photos, also movie option 640×480@30fps if possible, with 32kHz mono sound – that would be really GREAT – majestic even – perfectly sufficient in any case (even more than sufficient – having in mind it’s not a camera but Pocket PC/Mobile phone))
3. reduced thickness. (and possibly slightly slightly smaller so it really fits any pocket)
4. TV out (and maybe other novelties units of the type feature today, such as pure simple FM radio feature…)
5. improved quality of other components (as I see from reviews that, for example, sound quality on some speakers on the unit is even below average)
———then (non-imperative):
6. a subvariant:
– with all the keys found on a regular PC keyboard implemented (but that would make the keys smaller of course)
– with better COMPUTING specs (but that would make it significantly more expensive I guess).

So, that’s my five cents in a fountain… better make it a quarter. :)

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