First video plugin for Skype


Slashdot reports the availability of the first video plugin to be released to work with Skype for providing video calls over the popular VoIP service.  Dialcom’s video4skype ( clever, huh?) is available for free to be downloaded from their web site. Dialcom states they are working on versions compatible with other VoIP programs for future release.



Oliver Sturm

I’m sure it’ll work *somehow*, but the first try failed with a message about installing some ActiveX control. I thought this was a software package, so why can’t I download and just install it? I don’t want no bleeding ActiveX control! Plus, I’m using Firefox and the installation failed anyway… there was a link that I was supposed to click if I was using Firefox, but nothing happened when I tried this. I guess none of this would be happening if they’d just offered a setup.exe for download. So now they’ve lost themselves a potential user, at least until the time in the future when I have enough time to fight my way through all this.

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