C4 Hails Mobile As ‘Next Big Thing In Interactivty’


Merlin Inkley, head of airtime management at Channel 4 in the UK, told the audience at an interactive TV conference that “mobile telephones, not TV, were the “next big thing” in interactivity”. “Mobile phones are not an extension of the TV set, or the internet – they are an extension of us as people,” said Inkley, after claiming that 85% of C4’s viewers didn’t see the red button and only Sky had return path technology.
“But Rhys McLachlan, head of TV implementation at MediaCom, told the conference he “remained to be convinced” of the potential for mobiles to carry advertising. “There are two key elements which people find increasingly frustrating,” McLachlan said. “One is spam via email and the other is spam via telephones. We have to be very careful about this.”
Or slightly intelligent. The best ways to advertise on mobile phones involve the active and willing participation of the ad-viewers…
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