Broadcast & Mobile Multimedia Sees 124.8 Million Mobile TV Users


Broadcast and Mobile Multimedia, a new strategic report from Informa Telecoms & Media, predicts there will be “124.8 million broadcast mobile TV users worldwide by 2010, with an inflection point expected in 2009 as network rollout and device availability allow for the market to reach some level of critical mass”.
“The success is also dependent on the availability of desirable, popular content to the end user which will determine, to a large extent, how fast consumers adopt the services and devices. There is a definite need for the industry to decide what formats will work for users while they are on the move and what services will be attractive to mobile subscribers, bearing in mind current viewing habits. This is further dependent on the availability of quality handsets, providing users with a large high resolution colour display, a good user interface, and lasting battery life.”
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