100 tips and tricks for MS Office

The Microsoft Office suite is chock full of advanced features and it is easy to miss many of the things you can do with all of the programs.  There are so many options, toolbar features and productivity enhancers that it is very difficult to get your head around them.  Computeractive has written the first two parts of an article that explains their top 100 tips and tricks for using MS Office.  The first part covers Word and Excel and the second Powerpoint and Outllook.  Well worth a read and capturing for future reference.  Amit Argarwal (Digital Inspiration) also gives us his jewel- Scraps:

My favourite MS Word trick is Scraps – You can create ‘scraps’ in Word, which are small blocks of text from a document. Highlight some text in an open document and drag it to the Desktop, and you will see it appear as a document scrap. You can arrange and rename your scraps on the Desktop, and simply drop them back into Word documents as you need them. The scraps can be pasted into most other applications too.

(Digital Inspiration via Scoble)


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