How Safe is WiFi?

wifi logoThomas, a regular reader emailed me a story in Las Vegas Review Journal about the vulnerabilities of wifi networks. With help of an expert, the news daily picked up 150 networks, with nearly 40 of them unsecured, for anyone to tap into. “Wi-Fi signals have become the 21st century version of the Wild West. Instead of bandits with revolvers, computer hackers inhabit this invisible territory,” the daily says. Many ignore to turn on WEP, which LVRJ describe as a tiny lock on your luggage. Still, it makes life a little difficult for pranksters.

WiFi equipment makers, every single time you query them about security remind you about all the whiz-bang stuff they are building into their devices to make the wireless networks. It is the users who let them down, by not securing their networks, opening them to hackers and malcontents. Many times its sheer laziness, and more often than not it is the complexity of the process that befuddles the consumers. I know, I had to rely on Mr. WiFi’s expertise to set up a network that worked well with Apples and PCs, and other devices and was secure.

Additional reading: Windows Secrets has details on the new security measures like WPA2. This infact is a very comprehensive primer on WiFi and all related stuff. It also digs into the use of VPNs and why they can make data safe when on the go.


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