Radio 2.0 Report: Replay Radio; Webcast Royalties; Multicasting Radio

A roundup of some interestign stories related to rapidly morphing radio market:

Lawyers, others questions radio TIVO-like devices: RealNetworks and Yahoo Music have had problems with Replay Radio recording software…

Internet radio is gaining, but problems remain: Restrictions continue to hinder the growth of the online radio: Webcasters can only play four songs by any single artist in a three-hour period and are restricted from promoting the recording of their content, unlike, satellite operators which are free to do so.

High-definition radio gears up for reality: “Multicasting is the killer app,” said Chuck Tweedle, senior regional VP of Bonneville’s San Francisco stations. These new stations can be broadcast for free, or delivered for a nominal subscription, such as $1 a month, that would undercut satellite radio services.

HD Radio Dreamland: “You have got to be kidding. Even if multicasting is a desirable thing it’s certainly far short of ‘killer app’ status in a world where audio is streaming in from every direction, not just the Radio one.”

Apple Not Serious About Sirius: Sirius is refusing to confirm reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has taken a fancy to the idea of partnering with the satellite radio provider.