JK’s desktop


I haven’t posted my desktop on the HP yet so here’s what it looks like (today):




That sure looks like the desktop of someone with apple envy to me :)


Funny that someone mentioned AVG. I work for a small lawfirm and AVG is the only thing that we have found to be compatible with our accounting system. Our accounting software is not compatible with either Norton of McAfee. We tried the AVG free version and absolutely LOVE it. We just recently purchased the full package and feel that it’s worth every penny. Hmmm, maybe with JK’s help, I’ll do my first software review.


can someone tell me how much system resources
True Launch Bar uses?



Konfabulator notes:

I don’t run it when I’m working as I don’t like “eye candy” utilities using system resources. I do run it when not doing “real” work as the gauges are useful and look good. I believe these gauges are part of the systemDashboard Series of widgets.

Marc Orchant

Konfabulator 2 rocks and there are some really high-quality widgets available (as James’ desktop shows.

I use AVG Free Edition and have been completely satisfied. It has a small memory footprint, updates just about every day and scans at about the same speed as any other quality AV tool (which is to say pretty slowly on 40 GB of data if you do a complete system scan). The only drawback in the free version is that you can’t create custom scans.

I’m also a huge fan of True Launch Bar – a serious improvement over the standard Windows Quick Launch.


David, if you mean the icons in the system tray here they are in no particular order. Note some of them are hidden in the screen shot.

system tray items: SnagIt, Konfabulator, Norton, Skype, Bluetooth, HDI (hard disk activity light), Andrea microphone app, Intel wireless app, HP Q Menu, Onfolio, Zinio magazine reader, OneNote, Tablet and pen settings

The task bar is True Launch Bar


Perhaps you can review AVG at some point and let us all know what we might be missing!
I have used the new version of Konfabulator, but always seemed disaponted by the quality of the wigets.


Ian, I already had a Norton subscription. How do you like AVG?

Scott, the program is Konfabulator.


While you’re at it, what are the other items in your system tray?


I was wondering, what is the program that has those cool gauges on the desktop? I would like to install that on my tc4200 if I can. Oh, and to answer you question, lan, if the tc1100 is like the tc4200, it comes with two free years of Norton 2005.


Hi James,
Intresting….. I notice that you were using Norton. As someone that seems to promote ‘free’ things is there a good reason for not using “AVG Free” ?
Like the background !

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