Mobile Search Is Getting Hot

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Earlier this month I had attended the Google Factory Tour, and one of the things which wasn’t addressed by the Google brain trust was the opportunity beyond the PC. There was no clear direction for capitalizing on the mobile boom. Yahoo, on the other hand is making it a top priority. Overture has started offering paid-listings on Yahoo’s WAP site. In addition, Overture is going to be working with a major UK mobile carrier and launch a mobile search offering, though its not clear what it will be.

Russell Buckley over at The Mobile Technology Weblog writes, “My opinion is that search on mobiles will polarise into two distinct and sizable markets – maybe even dominated by different types of companies. Location-Independent Search (LIS), which is very similar to the type of search you do on your desk top. The other fascinating element of this emerging market is that no one is talking about local mobile search. (Location Dependent Search). “

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Check out 4INFO at — they definitly have a vision for the mobile space, offering free search and directory services to cell phone users. They support both location-dependent and location-independent search; both are useful to the consumer. Unlike the web, where you must sift through layers and layers of pages to reach the data you want, the key to “winning” the mobile search market space is by delivering end results quickly and without fuss. Some examples of what 4INFO provides TODAY are directory service (address/phone lookup), sports scores, real-time airline schedules (including any delays). Simply text ‘ual 16’ to 44636 (4INFO) to get the latest update on United Airlines flight #16. Or go to their website for an online real-time demo.

I’m impressed with what they’ve delivered so far, and am looking forward to new services they may provide.

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