Label The Damn Power Adapters


Pioneer Press Blog: My current tech pet peeve: gadget power adapters that aren’t properly labeled. An iRiver AC adapter, for instance, should read “iRiver” somewhere on its surface so it’s more easily associated with an iRiver music player. For tech journalists or geeks with multiple gadgets, this is a potentially nightmarish situation. Its not just the tech geeks or journalists – its a nightmare facing everyone who is buying into the much maligned digital lifestyle.


Om Malik


simple idea, but i admit i am just too lazy to do it and forget often times as well. still – a silver market makes a lot of sense.


Years ago, I finally got fed up enough with this problem that I started doing it myself. I use a silver Sakura paint marker to write on the transformer block, e.g. “Canon G2”. I now do this as soon as a new gadget arrives…

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