Mad As Hell


The internet is abuzz, and if you haven’t taken note of the Mad As Hell Series over at Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless go do so now. It’s the tale of a man who knows his way around computers, and has finally had enough of WinTel headaches. He’s taking a stand, and he’s switching his entire office to Apple. Great reading. And the best part? People are taking notice of what he’s got to say. Granted, I think the hardware issues he complains of with x86 machines is something he could come across in any machine, but his OS experience should prove to be an enlightening change of pace.

One of the recent Posts is Metaphor 1.42 – a terrific piece detailing the security differences between Windows and OS X. I especially like these parts:

Once upon a time, in a world full of yucky bugs and evil burglars, there was a house named Windows, and it had many doors and many windows. And they were all left open.

Way across town, there was a house called Mac OS X. In that house, there is exactly one door and really thick strong walls made from rebar and reinforced concrete. Those are called the built-in firewall and a well-designed-and-tested UNIX BSD communications security architecture.

At the end of the day, the people in the house of Mac OS X gathered around the dinner table, talking of fun they’d had together as a family that day.

And the people suffering in the house of Windows said to all their friends “Yes, it’s an awful life, and our homes are full of bugs and burglars, but it’s only because our house’s design is really so wonderfully popular!!!”

Anyway, It’s definitely worth following the progress. Friday “Mad As Hell” updates are guaranteed, but it seems to be more frequent here at the beginning of his endeavor. Go give em a look. It’s fun to see someone making a change like this, and getting some real attention for it…

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