GreatNews- get your RSS free

GreatNews is a free beta RSS reader that is light and small yet still very full featured.  Take a look at this feature list:

  • Support all major feed formats, including RSS 0.9x, 1.0(rdf), 2.0, Atom 0.30. Support popular extensionslike dublin core, content:encoding etc.
  • Integrated internet browser, with popup blocking. Working closely with default browser like Firefox.
  • With Import/Export wizard, you can import/export all channel subscriptions in a single step.
  • Export rss articles to rss 2.0 format. You can also customize the export by selecting channel/group/label, and/or applying filters.
  • integration
    Read everywhere at, but read twice as fast at your desk.
  • Full text search with keyword highlights.
  • 100% Unicode support. Displays international languages on the same page. Use any languages anywhere in GreatNews, including Search, Label and News watch.
  • "Channel Organizer" helps organize channel subscriptions in one place. Use "Find Channel" to locate your subscriptions quickly.

GreatNews looks really sweet and it’s free, at least for this beta, although I don’t know if it will remain free once the gold version is released.  I intend to try it out and see how well it works and I will let you know.


(Steve Rubel via TechBlog)


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