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GreatNews is a free beta RSS reader that is light and small yet still very full featured.  Take a look at this feature list:

  • Support all major feed formats, including RSS 0.9x, 1.0(rdf), 2.0, Atom 0.30. Support popular extensionslike dublin core, content:encoding etc.
  • Integrated internet browser, with popup blocking. Working closely with default browser like Firefox.
  • With Import/Export wizard, you can import/export all channel subscriptions in a single step.
  • Export rss articles to rss 2.0 format. You can also customize the export by selecting channel/group/label, and/or applying filters.
  • integration
    Read everywhere at, but read twice as fast at your desk.
  • Full text search with keyword highlights.
  • 100% Unicode support. Displays international languages on the same page. Use any languages anywhere in GreatNews, including Search, Label and News watch.
  • "Channel Organizer" helps organize channel subscriptions in one place. Use "Find Channel" to locate your subscriptions quickly.

GreatNews looks really sweet and it’s free, at least for this beta, although I don’t know if it will remain free once the gold version is released.  I intend to try it out and see how well it works and I will let you know.


(Steve Rubel via TechBlog)



You can configure greatnews to use firefox by option–>usability. Tick box before ‘open rss link in external default browser’.
As in your case, firefox is your default one.

The bloglines api only allows user to synchronize with all the unread news. It pretty much works like outlook express synchronizing with hotmail. Once you download all your email, hotmail server will assume you read all your emails. Once you download all the news items from bloglines server, bloglines will assume you read all of them. But Greatnews still can choose to leave all the news items unread in bloglines even after greatnews downloads them all not like netnewswire and feeddemon which mark all as read upon download.
Until bloglines provide a better synchronisation api, greatnews can do nothing about it.
Newsgator offer a real-time synchronisation api. But sadly it’s not free. It’s like hotmail to outlook, you need to pay a subscription fee to use it.


I had a quick look and I think the Bloglines integration is almost great, but not quite.

The way it works is it changes the read status of articles on Bloglines when it downloads then, not when it the article is actually read. I would find this really annoying as you would end up with unread messages in GreatNews not being displayed (by default) in Bloglines because it thinks it is read.

This is a showstopper for me and I have posted feedback in the forums of the developer’s site (under an existing thread – I’m not the only one who feels this way) I hope the developer takes this feedback into consideration.


I just played around with that program for a while (thanks for the hint). In my opinion it’s a nice piece of software (especially as it’s free), but I found five main reasons why I’m going to keep FeedDemon for the moment:

1) The Interface
I like the clear and self-explanatory Feed-Demon interface. The GN style isn’t bad, but in my opinion still to text-laden.

2) Windows Visual Styles
I’m using a Windows standard font different from Tahoma. As long as news items are unread, they are shown in that font, but as soon as I read them they change to Tahoma – an effect that looks quite strange.

3) Podcasts
FeedDemon comes with FeedStation, which downloads Podcasts in a very nice and easy way and adds them to iTunes. GN supports podcasts, but does not work as comfortably.

4) Linked News
When I click on the title of a news item without a description, FeedDemon automatically opens the corresponding website inside the program window. GN opens a new browser window.

5) Adding Channels
In FeedDemon, I can simply enter the URL of a blog or news site, and it automatically finds the feed, GN doesn’t.

However, I’m going to keep an eye on Great News – we’ll see what the future brings.

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