Is Hype Getting Ahead of Open Media?

Over past few days, I have been receiving press releases announcing some company, some consultant or some CEO starting a weblog, followed by a quick call from their PR reps! In normal course, I would ignore such press releases, but having lived through the bubble, when every company’s strategy involved similar press releases and flack-attacks, makes me shudder. Blogging has become such a hot trend, that I feel that we are beginning to see in the words of Brett ” a crass exploitation of a hot trend.” Everything from a feedback page for newspapers to fake blogs full of marketing stuff, are now being passed for a “weblog.”

Of course, these are not blogs, instead a pale shadow of an open media phenomenon. They are not fostering “conversation” instead they are drowning out new voices with managed messages. Podcasting, a wonderful new way of some to vocally pontificate has already been usurped by mainstream radio – which believes that putting MP3 files of their news reports amount to podcast. If that is the case, then reuters has the best blog on the planet. After all they are repurposing their content for wires on their website. Is this the future blog-fathers had in mind? Am I the only one who feels that the open media is becoming a victim of its own success, being hyped beyond reality? Just some food for thought …. what do you think?


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