The hip-e is no more


Ever since running a post almost a year ago about the hip-e computers, a line of computers and accessories designed to appeal to teenagers, I have gotten emails and comments asking where they can be obtained.  This rarely happens and is solid proof of the great interest in the hip-e comper and the appeal the early media mentions created for a "teen" computer.  The hip-e have appeared at numerous conferences and expositions but I don’t think they were ever available for purchase.  I now know the reason why having just read a post on Dwight Silverman’s blog.  Dwight is the technology columnist and blogger for the Houston Chronicle and he is reporting the company behind the hip-e is no longer in business.  So maybe now the emails will stop.



Currently sold in the UK by as an end of line legacy product. The Hip-E software won’t
work becuase you can’t activate it.

Cool looking beast though ! Mounted it on the wall of my Kid’s playroom.


it was indeed a very nice and compact computer more for college students living in dorms: wall mountable monitor that turns into a T.V screen(u can also plug in your xbox player. the cool thing too is that all that there is on a computer tower is build into the monitor. an added software that is designed like a tivo, and an easy to get around icon…) wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, prepaid cell phone, remote control for the T.V, and an mp3 player that is very useful as well. I happen to have one of the mp3 player and i just don’t use it to store music but it is my portable storage device and a mini tape recorder. and oh my gosh u have the option of changing your computer’s skin. it was an amazing computer, and i really wish the company was still in business cuz this computer would have been the best computer for both teenagers and college students living in the dorms.


Man i really wanted one of those computers. The first time i saw the ad was in an ellgirl magazine and i thought that i just had to have it. i think that they should start selling them again. i hpoe that whatever is on this ad is true because they make it sound so cool. i think that a lot of teens would have bought this or there parents would buy it for them. Digital Lifestyles needs to get back in the game.


Yeah, they went out of business. Apparently a while ago.

Which really is an inconvenience for both those who have it (no service help anymore if it busts) and those who want it (with the money for it, that is).


I saw the advertisment for the New Hip-e Computers on a bill -board.They said the are aviable after Thanksgiving. I check out the web siteand it worked fine. You could buy a computer there . But a few months later( June 27th 2005) I couldnt find them any where . This computer would be a hugew hit for teens all over america . But I think the problem with it is …. The outstanding price for one of these computer. There web site is gone and I have check every where to get one of theses computers. Amazon, Ebay, Google, Yahoo, Ask, Every where . They seen to be mia!!!!

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