Thanks to Steve Jobs, Podcasts Are The New Black

podcastingSteve Jobs says his iTunes 4.9 will support podcasts and make it easier to find the new form of distributed media. Given the easy access to 10 million iPods, I am not surprised the increased hoopla around this emergent media. Best cue – my pal, Andy, long a stream-caster, turning his attention to pod-casting. He has started PodWatch. Scoble points to The Podcast Network.

Fred Wilson paraphrases Nike and suggests, “Just Lets do it.” Why even Seth Godin has jumped on to the bandwagon. Advertisers like Volvo and GM are lining up for podcasts. (Tobacco companies can advertise on podcasts?… after all its not radio!)

Umair sums up my feelings when he writes, “So the question becomes – assuming that it’s not the transaction costs that stop them, why aren’t people podcasting? I think it’s because podcasts don’t realize the same kind of huge complementarity that blogs do, through comments, link aggregators, etc.”

Engadget has a nice how-to for Mac users. and another one, fully baked.


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