AchieveIt! winners announced


I am happy to announce the winners of the AchieveIt! contest. Developer Brad Isaac and I reviewed all the entries and selected the 5 winners:

  1. Perry
  2. Andy Lin
  3. Yolanda Villa
  4. Dave A
  5. Harley R

The winners should email Brad at:  and be sure to include your device ownername as it appears on your Pocket PC.   Congratulations for submitting the winning entries and I am sure you will enjoy using AchieveIt!, a $29.95 value.   Special thanks to Brad Isaac for providing the 5 copies of AchieveIt! for the winners.


Dave A

Hey thanks Guys,
Just got back from Canada to UK and read the results in archives.

Andy Lin

Awesome. I didn’t win in the Aximsite contest, but I won here! Thanks PocketPCAddict and jkOnTheRun!

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