Torrent Networks with Star Wars Downloads Busted


FBI has shut down the servers of Elite Torrents network, which was recently distributing illegal copies of “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith” before it appeared in movie theaters, Reuters reports. FBI executed 10 search warrants, grabbed the main server. Elite had 133,000 members collectively downloaded 2.1 million files, including 18,000 different movies and software programs. Looks like the torrent crackdown has begun in earnest, and is likely to continue for sometime.



Sorry Om, but the FBI didn’t knock off the air so the RotS working print is still being circulated. This should give you some idea what they are up against:

Considering the location of theie servers and their current seemingly accurate interpretation of copyright law in Sweden I suspect George Lucas is going to have to be content with his “mere 158.5 million opening take” (See: )

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