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Reuters Hires EIC TO Head Consumer Unit

Fair amount of poaching going on in the online media industry these days, indicative of activity in the market: now Reuters Group has appointed Dean Wright, the editor-in-chief of, to head its digital media business.

He will take up the new post of senior VP and managing editor for consumer services in New York, where he will lead the editorial operations and programming for the company’s consumer media services, including the online, mobile, and interactive television platforms.

As we have been documenting here, this further moved Reuters into consumer space. Read our interview recently with Chris Ahearn, president of Reuters Media, for some insight into the thinking…Some more details here

For, this is a big blow. Earlier this year, deputy editor Michael Silberman left for Rodale.

Some of these editorial moves could be driven by the continuing uncertainty about’s status as rumors of Microsoft pulling out of the parent TV channel abound.


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