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Download Movies To PSP At DVDStation

Looks like folks at DVDStation are introducing PSP movie downloads at our retail kiosks. They store media in multi-terabyte servers and they are connected via megapipes, customers can download feature length films in under 30 seconds. VideoBusiness magazine says that the service will start in June. Currently, DVD Station offers upward of 6,000 disc titles at its locations, like San Francisco’s Metreon Entertainment Center and New York’s Grand Central Station. DVDStation is in the process of closing deals with two large studios. The downloads will be available for next generations Palm (LifeDrive), iRiver, and a whole slew of AV handhelds.

7 Responses to “Download Movies To PSP At DVDStation”

  1. This is surely another nail in the coffin for the new DVD formats.

    Portables and broadband pipes will mean that content is totally platform agnostic.

    If DVD Station can’t make this work (and it sounds as if they’re coming out strong), someone else will. It’s inevitable.

    I predict the imminent quaintness of DVD (including HD) as a retail media format.