Fujitsu unveils touchscreen notebook- LifeBook B6000

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Fujitsu Computer Systems unveiled a new notebook computer this week that is designed for the health care industry that has a 12.1" touchscreen display.  The new LifeBook B6000 is designed to make working with the interface much easier for doctors and nurses by providing a combination of the touchscreen and a display that is 50% brighter than previous LifeBook notebooks.

B6110dThe B6000 comes with 2 GB of memory and a Pentium M ULV 753 processor which makes sure it can handle any task the user might need to do.  The B6000 is priced at $1,649 only weighs 3.3 pounds making it a highly mobile notebook for health care workers.  It appears from information on the Fujitsu web site that the B6000 can only be used in a notebook configuration which is a little odd, it seems a slate configuration would make it more useful for the target market segment.  It’s good to see a notebook from a major OEM that incorporates a touchscreen and perhaps this is the beginning of a trend that industry giants have been predicting that all notebook computers will have touchscreens in the not too distant future.

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I would say it’s a smart move to not make it convertible. It was hard enough to differentiate the ‘true’ Tablet PCs from fujtisus’ older tablet-format machines when TPCs first hit the market. Having this product able to be used in a slate config would reopen that whole can of worms – “Why can’t I run tablet PC applications”.

It’s enough that ebay sellers add confusion by labelling older 3500 and C500s as Tablet PCs, as VARs, we’d be right back to having to explain the differences between TPCs and touch-screen laptops. I’m also sure Fujitsu doesn’t care to cannibalize their higher margin TPC sales. I do also believe the B series has been available for some time now.

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