What’s not right about the FCC e911 ruling

In response to my piece yesterday about End of VoIP as we know it, Aswath sent me an email and pointed out that there is more than what meets the eye. He is withholding judgement, up until a full ruling, not a press release is released by FCC. On his weblog this morning, he writes

I am a bit confused about the specific definition of the term. The press release says that interconnected VoIP providers “are similar to traditional telephone providers in that they enable customers to receive calls from and terminate calls to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).” It goes on to say that “it does not place obligations on other IP-based service providers, such as those that provide instant messaging or Internet Gaming Services, because although these services may contain a voice component, customers of these Services cannot receive calls from and place calls to the PSTN.”

In other words services like Free World Dial-Up and Yahoo and AIM are free from FCC’s decree. But then Yahoo and AIM can make outbound calls using Net2Phone service for example. This clearly is a very murky situation. What if someone decides to come-up with a service that can terminate PSTN calls to say Yahoo and AIM. Then what? Will AIM and Yahoo suddenly become interconnected providers. But as the man said lets wait and see what FCC really have to say about this in its ruling documents. via


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