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The Shot Phoned Round The World

The new battlefield that Microsoft and Apple will fight on is digital music, and if this article is any judge the leaders of the two companies have vastly different attitudes towards the mobile carriers that are pushing to capture the digital music market.
“We’ll create magic software that will let (wireless carriers) make money” by charging extra for premium subscriber features, according to Gates. “We have to be creative about how we let them do the branding. We have to be nice to the carriers and the handset manufacturers,” he said.
“Apple’s not good at going through Fortune 500 chief information officers to get to the consumer,” said Jobs(about the mobile carriers), who a short while later used the term “orifices” in an apparent reference to that group.
I haven’t heard a transcript of either talk, so I don’t know how accurate this reporting is, but if there is such strong tension between Apple and the carriers Motorola’s going to have a hard time with its iTunes phone.
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