Samsung to produce flash-based HDD replacements


Samsung Electronics plans to begin production in August on hard drive replacements based on flash memory chips.  Flash memory based storage has a number of advantages over traditional hard drives, lower weight, lower power comsumption and higher data transfer rates being chief among them.  The only real disadvantage that flash storage has over conventional HDD storage is a much higher cost, something Samsung believes mass production can mitigate.

Samsung has offered no pricing details but claims their storage devices can go as high as 16 GB with a 57 MB per second read rate and 32 MB per second write rate.  The solid state disk (SSD) only consumes 5 percent of the power used by a hard drive and only weighs half as much.  Samsung stated they expect to see SSDs in Tablet PCs and laptops before long.

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I would so love to have no moving parts in my tablet except to open and close the screen.

Steven Hughes

There are already some X GB Flash based hard Drive replacements already on the market. I know of a few devices that have them. They reside in your standard 40pin IDE slot. These are mostly for devices with low OS and program overheads like systems running Linux, Win9X, Embedded CE, Embedded 2K and Embedded XP. The price point on these drives are around $169 for a 1GB and scale up from there.

If anyone is interested I think a few pictures of some I took with my PPC and I can post a link to them…

The read/write speeds are pretty fast as well as low power consumption, with the introduction of new processors running under 1W of power these make for great instant on devices with long battery life.

In regards to HDs manufacturers at CES had some very nice drives. Hitachi had one-inch hard drive at 8-10 GB that ran very quietly, much quieter than the one in the 2nd gen iPods, kinda like the ones in the Creative Zen. Their new slim 1.8″ drives will come in one- and two-disk versions, offering 30-40 and 60-80 GB of storage. These are due later this fall and you may see them in some devices like Smartphones, PDAs, and media players… for some pics and more info head here:


You must be a mind reader.

I asked at Brighthand if any of the PPC manufacturers were planning on using the 1.8″ Toshiba hard drives like the Apple iPod.

There are a lot of consumers wanting to carry around a lot of data with them.

Samsung is moving in the right direction.
Let’s see if they can get something inexpensive and with a large data store to market soon.

I’d love to see a Handtop with one as the main drive and with an expansion slot to continue to add space.

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