Podcast to Troops- send audio messages to those serving in the military abroad


Kevin Tofel is always thinking of new ways to apply existing technology that can make this world a better place.  He and his better half, Barb, have started a service called Podcast to Troops that lets anyone call up and leave a voice message for the troops serving abroad.  The intention is to let those in the military go to the web site and retrieve real messages of support from those back home who appreciate the difficult thing they are doing in serving for us. 

To leave a message:

  • Call 1-661-716-BLOG and then follow the prompts with the info below
  • Primary Number:  800-PODCAST
  • PIN:   four zeros (0000) followed by the # key.
  • Record your message up to 5 minutes

To listen to messages:

  • Any message can be heard by clicking on the "Play this Audio Post" button
  • To subscribe to all messages and listen to them in your podcatcher just add this feed

Way to go, Barb and Kevin!  Let’s see how many messages of support we can send those far from home on our behalf.



bk, that is so funny! Talk about a small world! Kevin is going to look you up tomorrow and yes, I warned him about you. :)


Nice job Kevin! Here’s one for the record books.

I started my new contract on Monday. So, I’m getting all set up in new cubicle and one of my colleagues stops by and says “Hey, that’s a pretty cool Pocket PC.” I tell him it’s an Ipaq hx4700 and that I used to write articles for Pocket PC Addict.

He (Paul) gets wide eyed and says “Hey — I wrote some articles for TechAddiction and……Kevin Toefel sits right down the aisle!”

I won’t mention the organization I’m working with….but since there is three of us in one building (on the same floor) doesn’t that make us some sort of Pocket PC Mecca …or something?

Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks for helping us spread the word James; Barb and I sincerely appreciate it. Since my best friend (and godfather to my son) is serving time overseas, I was able to find out that the troops in some areas have more connectivity than I would have thought. I also gave my Toshiba e800 to my friend, so that he can possibly keep in touch with his loved ones or just carry digital photos of his family. It’s such a positive experience to find ways that technology can help touch the lives of others. Thanks again – kct

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