infoSync World reviews the Samsung Nexio XP30- Windows CE handheld


The Samsung Nexio XP30 is an innovative device in the handheld arena that has a beautiful 5" screen and runs on Windows CE .NET 4.2.  The XP30 is intended to be a web-browsing mobile workhorse and while a tad large it comes with a lot of features for the expected $675 price tag when it’s released in North America (if that really happens.  infoSync World has published a thorough review of the unique handheld and find it an intriguing alternative to Windows Mobile based devices:

Nexio_xp30The most interesting aspect of the XP30, however, are the applications which revolve around connectivity. When combined with high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, the 5.0 core based Internet Explorer effectively turns the XP30 into the best small form-factor web browsing tablet we’ve seen; the only minor drawback is the lack of support for Macromedia Flash. Similarly excellent is the Remote Desktop application, which unlike that found in Windows Mobile is as fully featured as that found on any given Windows XP PC and as such capable of bringing what amounts to a full and complete PC experience straight to the screen of the XP30 over Wi-Fi: simply marvellous.

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