Carriers Should Love the Next Gen Gaming Consoles

Business 2.0: The next generation of gaming consoles — Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox 360, Nintendo’s (NTDOY) Revolution, and Sony’s (SNE) PlayStation 3 — were the talk of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, the giant industry show held in Los Angeles last week. Attendees couldn’t get over the machines’ eye-popping graphics and supercomputer-level processing muscle. But the real story here is that the new crop of consoles is superconnected in a way earlier generations could only dream of. Armed with Ethernet and Wi-Fi, these devices are designed to serve as launchpads for widespread online gaming, a potentially lucrative business that so far has failed to attract users beyond the hard-core. If all goes according to plan, not only will the videogame industry get a boost but the broadband business will too. Continue reading at B2 website.


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