Update: Make Your Own Watchtone

WatchToneDutch company Makayama Software has released WatchTones, which are basically video ringtones. However, Makayama is selling WatchTones Studio software which allows people to create their own WatchTones. “The optional PC software installs an encoding package on a Windows XP computer. The users pick any video file from their harddrive, CD or DVD. With only three clicks the software turns it into a watchtone, which plays on any compatible Nokia series 60 Symbian phone…Consumers can download a free trial version of WatchTones Studio and preview all ready-made Watchtones before they buy. The retail price for WatchTones Studio software is EUR 19.95 ( USD 24.95 ) and the ready-made Watchtones are EUR 3.95 ( USD 4.95 ).” This will appeal to people who want to personalize their mobiles with their own videos. There are some sample WatchTones you can view on the webpage.
UPDATE: I got a reply from WatchTones on selling the ones you create…”Customers will be allowed to sell them through our portal and receive a 12% royalty on sales. This is still under development but will launch next month. We won’t allow selling otherwise, because our proprietary decoding software is part of the watchtone.”
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