The BellCo, CableCo CatFight

USA Today has a long piece on the cat-fight between cable and phone operators, which apparently is getting ugly. How ugly?

USA Today: Dorothy Attwood, senior vice president of planning and policy for SBC on how cable companies are using their franchisee relationships to lock out the Bells. “The cable guys are acting and behaving like those that don’t want to lose market share… It’s obvious that they are attempting to use regulation to keep their competitors at bay.”

Cable companies are accusing them of redlining and focusing solely on affluent neighborhoods.

Washington Post: Harry Mitchell, a Verizon spokesman on why they are not rolling out broadband in rural areas, which he points out sometimes it is sometimes too expensive to provide service to rural customers. “You’ve got to have a business model where you have a chance of making some money.”

I am reminded every day that cable companies are no paragons of consumer service and according to some estimates the prices for cable services have been on an upswing.


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