HopOn the (Latest) Bandwagon?


Techdirt: Hop On (which just dropped its dot com status) is offering a $39 WiFi phone. Of course, “offering” may be a bit confusing, because normally that means you can buy it — but it doesn’t seem to be possible to buy one yet. If you follow the links in the press release, you go from site to site with lots of talk about features, but no way to actually purchase the device at all. Techdirt finds it all too hard to believe via


Mike Masnick

It’s not that we don’t care for them… It’s just that the history behind them means that we take an extra note of caution when they announce something. The company has a long history of announcing things which just aren’t true.

At the same time, it does seem like they have new management and have done a lot to rebuild the reputation they had lost. So, we’re not saying these products don’t or won’t exist. It would just be a lot nicer if we had some proof.

Om Malik


i am not even sure about these guys, and they very well might be on their way. i think they have decent products especially for the third world market. beyond that, no information so cannot really say more. i guess techdirt people don’t care much for them

Thomas Hirsch

Hop-on (HPNN) has a checkered past to be sure. But I believe it has really turned the corner. It has an excellent design team in Dallas. It has veterans of Lucent on its sales force. It is selling through Wireless Xcessories (WIRX) and Wintec Industries, both excellent companies, plus a variety of other sales outlets. It has sold about 100,000 phones to Telmec in Mexico. The new wireless VoIP phone is packed with sophisticated features. So, let’s give Hop-on a chance to prove whether it has turned the corner or not.

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