First look at the new Toshiba Libretto


U100_3I first mentioned the Toshiba Libretto U100 a while back when Toshiba announced they were bringing the ultra-portable back in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their first notebook.  The Libretto was the first ultra-portable that provided a full notebook computer in a tiny form factor.  Since that announcement I haven’t seen any mentions of sightings in the wild of the Libretto until today, as Akihabara News has gotten a hands-on look at the U100 and posted a nice overview on their site.  They have photos of the Libretto from many different angles and have written about their first impressions.  It seems they hate the track stick as implemented on the Libretto and don’t like the bulk the DVD drive adds to the U100. Check out the complete article to read about the new Libretto.


Walter Hutchens

Today I saw a Libretto for sale in a CompUSA in a suburb of Washinghton D.C. I tried typing on it a few minutes and found the keyboard too small to be sued comfortably or accurately. I normally use a Sony T, which is small but not too tiny to use.


Yeah, they didn’t seem to like it. I believe them. Too bad. They are right that we expect better of Toshiba. Hopefully a better version soon. I don’t care about the “look” of the thing, so much as the comfort carrying it, and if square is fine, who cares, and if it’s uncomfortable, then it’s a problem.


Hey, you understand french rather well James ;) He said the pointer/mouse was almost unusable on the 4 models that were exposed. He didn’t like the bulky look, especially with the DVD player which add quite some weight to the machine. A USB DVD would have been a better option in his opinion.

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