Syracuse wants to be a broadband destination

Syracuse, more known for their fine university and equally fine basketball team had come to a conclusion – it is going to become a broadband destination, at least for those who want to use the city as a base for developing broadband applications. The city based in central New York is going to hold fuse2005 event in September, and will try and attract broadband start-ups and entrepreneurs to the city. But why Syracuse? Because it is one of those small-yet-big enough cities with great broadband infrastructure. Other communities are still working on their networks, while Syracuse has all that, says Nasir Ali, who oversees the Syracuse Technology Garden. For instance, Verizon has connected many communities with fiber already and then there is the Syracuse MetroNet Project – a high-speed network connecting schools, hospitals, governments, and non-profit organizations throughout the Syracuse area. Still, it is going to be a bit of a hard sell for Syracuse because most small cities are using broadband as a lure to attract new businesses but with limited success.

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