Spain Broadband Grows, Slowly

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Spain one of the broadband laggards in Europe, will see faster adoption, mostly because of increased competition, and falling prices, according to a Forrester Research report. The Spanish broadband market grew quickly during the past two years — by 202% in 2003 and by 64% in 2004. Forrester predicts that nearly 38% Spanish homes will have broadband, with DSL as dominant access technology, with 3/4th of the total market. At present 22% of Spanish homes have broadband. The biggest problems has been low PC penetration, but companies like Telefonica are giving away free PCs, hanging on to its 55% market share. But lately competitors – Jazztel, and local operations of France Telecom and Deutsche Telecom have entered the market, and are driving down prices.

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Henry Mulgrew

Congratulations on your Spanish broadband info
How can i get broadband other than telephonica who are a complete & incompetent rip of i live in southern spain & use the internet frequently in between power cuts + my company shutting me down its a nightmare any advice or other information would be most appreciated

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