MindManager may work on the Sony U

Quite some time ago I tried to use MindManager on the Sony U ultra-portable computer and had some trouble that I thought was due to the touch screen on the Sony U.  MindManager has been totally Tablet-enabled and I was eager to give it a go on the Sony (with the Tablet OS installed) but could not get some of the ink to "stick" to the screen.  I conversed with Mindjet about this and our joint consensus was that the touchscreen of the Sony was not compatible with the Tablet functions of MindManager.  I have been getting into MindManager heavily since getting the HP tc1100 Tablet PC and now that I am familiar with the way the pen functions work in MindManager I believe what I thought was an inability to work on the Sony was in fact just the way MindManager works on the Tablet PC.  Sony U owners who would like to use MindManager on the UPC (with the Tablet OS installed) should download the demo version of MM and give it a try.  Pay special attention to the use of gestures in MM which gives it all the Tablet functionality and please report back if it works for you.


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