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Skype-sters are blogging to their hearts’ content, and can now respond to my criticism in real time. Hey guys, thanks for including me in your b-roll. They have the story so far…. The damn feeds are not working? Anyone guess what blog CMS they are using?


Jianu Razvan

I am new to this blog but as this is this article is about Skype and related stuff I wanted to point out that after Skype opened its API it is also becoming a serious competion to AT&T and MCI and other POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) phone companies in the 1900/1800 numbers (pay for service numbers). The big companies have had a quasi monopoly in the States and similar companies in other countries but with the launch of they will certainly be loosing even more business to The VoIP applications on the net. Vonage has been cropping of their business through the last years but this will certainly take an even bigger business from them ….

Phil Taylor

Keep guessing :-) its not hard to guess. Its not wordpress ;-)

Om Malik

yeah… that’s what it looks like. i was trying to figure out if it was good ole wordpress or not

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