Open Source gets the build it, flip it religion


Remember my story, The New Road to Riches, from last October. Well, more and more are converting to that religion. Gluecode CEO Winston Damarillo sells his open source venture to IBM, takes the money, runs and starts yet another open source company, Simula Labs. Call it “deja vu all over again” but the company is replicating Glucode’s subscription-based services model and has funding of about $10-15 million. The first two products are ActiveMQ and Mergere. Bruce asks the question, “This is only more good news for open source, but I wonder how long it will be before this bubble bursts? Any guesses?”



I wonder how the open source contributors that weren’t being paid a dime feel that this CEO “takes the money and run.”

Marty Heyman

This isn’t related to any bubble. This is simply the way it has worked in the “software industry” since the beginning. Little entrepreneurial teams build stuff and big capital-owning giants buy them to get the stuff. It’s no different than Lotus except that that was then (VC big money proprietary) and this is now (community developed, small money, and open source). I suspect this is an indicator of what the big companies will increasingly have to do to find things to buy.

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