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Remember all those things RIAA used to say about music piracy and Napster. Well, do a “find-replace” with MPAA and BitTorrent, and you get the same hysterical statements. MPAA president Dan Glickman says, “We must stop these Internet thieves from illegally trading valuable copyrighted materials on-line.” MPAA is blaming BitTorrent for Revenge of the Sith piracy. That’s like calling matches, not cigarettes, cause cancer. How about learning from music’s mistakes, and figuring out ways to sell the content legally? Calling consumers thieves, well that doesn’t bode well for an over-bloated, economic inefficient and perhaps the riskiest business model. via




Yeah Dan Glickman, I can tell that George Lucas is really being robbed blind here, why just check out his RECORD TICKET SALES. God, these MPAA/RIAA muppet figureheads make me want to scream sometimes. Oh, the BSA too, they are another pack of lying theives.

See here:

“Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith” grossed $158.5 million from Thursday to Sunday, according to studio estimates, beating the previous record held by 2003’s “Matrix Reloaded,” which made $134.3 million.

“Sith” took in an estimated $108.5 million from Friday to Sunday, slightly lower than the record held by the first “Spider-Man” movie, which took in $114.8 million in May 2002. But “Spider-Man” didn’t debut on a Thursday like “Sith,” and thus that $114.8 million comprised its entire weekend take.

“Even as of Sunday, we’re selling tickets like gangbusters,” said Art Levitt, chief executive of online ticket seller Fandango Inc. “Our ticket sales are a clear indicator that ‘Sith’ has kicked off the summer movie season loud and clear.”

The company said Sunday that “Sith” now stands as its top-selling movie for opening weekend sales. The first two days of the movie’s release, Thursday and Friday, were Fandango’s top selling 48 hours, ever.”

Excuse me while I try to go create a monopoly and then attempt to force people to feel bad for not subsidising my 90th Rolls Royce.

Om Malik

Didnot think of it that way… looks like Hollywood and Government are on the same side this time. Wonder how The GoP feels about this?


So which is the greater danger to free speech, the Patriot Act or the Hollywood cartels (RIAA, MPAA) ?

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