Microsoft has a OneNote PowerToy competition- win a Tablet PC


Img_portegem200Microsoft is running a OneNote PowerToy competition so if you are thinking about writing a cool add-on for the great note-taking program now would be a good time to do it. Microsoft is awarding five Toshiba Portege M 200 Tablet PCs to the entrants that submit the best utilities. Visit the official contest site and register even if you’re not going to submit a program. Everyone who registers will be eligible for a drawing for a sixth M200.


Michael Randall

Not sure how strict they’ll be about it, but according to the rules, it’s only open to registered solution developers – “The Promotion is not open to members of the general public.”

Not that I’d be up to anything myself. Never been able to program. I did once get drunk with a copy of VB. Next morning, I discovered a new program on my computer that just displayed a single button labelled “Please do not press this button”. I did, and a message popped up saying “Please do not press this button again”.

Never mix alcohol, Visual Basic, and The Hitch-Hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy.

Mind you, a second M200 would be very useful – Sam wants one now.

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