Watch for The Tablet PC Show- Eric Mack interview


Eric_mack_m4Eric Mack opened his brand new Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC yesterday and shared his experience on his blog with pictures and audio recordings that chronicled his delight during the process.  One of his podcast clips even has yours truly as I Skyped him to see how the unveiling was progressing and he recorded our short discussion.  Late last night Eric sat down with Marc Orchant and me and the three of us talked about Eric’s first impressions about the M4.  I am doing the post-production on the recording as we speak and hope to have it released on The Podcast Network later today.

Some highlights from the interview- screen viewing angle seems pretty narrow, speakers sound fine in slate configuration and the fan noise is not bad.  You’ll just have to listen to the show for the rest.

Quick tips for Eric Mack:  write in cursive, it works best for most people.  Undock the TIP.  You cannot train the handwriting recognition as you stated in one of your recordings (you won’t need to when you get some practice with it).  Spend some time with speech recognition, as a productivity consultant you will find that time well spent.  Download and install the Experience Pack as soon as you can (if it’s not pre-installed).

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