Konfabulator 2.0- new Java engine

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Pixoria has released a major new upgrade to the cool widget program Konfabulator. Version 2 has a new Java engine and new widgets that look even better if you can believe that. The upgrade is free to registered users of the older version and if you want to see how it looks here you go:


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I’ve had major problems with Konfab here at work. It just flat out doesn’t work. Back when they first released it on Windows there was a bug that caused problems on certain set ups and once you encountered this problem there is apparently no hope of ever getting it to work again. The program runs, but none of the widgets ever display. No amount of uninstalling/reinstalling, deleting registry keys, clearing TEMP files helps. It just doesn’t work.

I haven’t run the thing in at least 4 or 5 months, but I thought I’d give v2 a try. Download and install, and yet again nothing. There’s many people on the forums with the same problem and no real resolution ever mentioned. There’s even a paid user or two complaining.

I really liked it when I had it and some of the new widgets look great (PIM one that integrates with Outlook especially). Sure wish I could get it to work.

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