Camera hack- great color with a simple filter


I just ran across this cool camera hack that details how to get great color from your digital camera using coffee filters. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Switch to manual focus
  2. Hold a small stack of three (or so) coffee filters in front of your lens; cover the entire frame
  3. Snap a picture (unless your camera can set the balance w/o exposing a shot)
  4. Set your white balance against the coffee filter reference
  5. Snap pictures, enjoy the color
  6. Repeat whenever the light changes

The filters are ultra-portable, very plentiful, extremely cheap, and give great results.

Excellent tip and one I will give a try if I get my Canon S50 fixed.  It won’t power on for some reason.

(via Camera Hacks)


Victor Solis

Does this mean I’ll have to keep my camera on “manual focus” mode? I only have a point and shoot digital camera and spend most of my photo shooting time in “auto focus” mode.


I guess you’ve found cheap alternative to ExpoDisc. And probably around $100 cheaper :). Cheers. Ynse

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