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Cable, New Voice Kings

bell phoneWe all know how well cable operators are doing in the VoIP space, and how effective they have been in stealing business from bells, but it wasn’t up until a recent report from Pike & Fisher’s Broadband Daily, did I realize their dominant market position. Here are some numbers at the end of first quarter 2005, as tabulated by PF’s team.

  • Total VoIP additions: 383,204 in Q1 05
  • At the end of Q1 2004, total cable voice subscribers were around 2.5 million
  • They have 3.5 million phone customers.
  • Cox Communications, added over 111k, to bring its total to 1.4 million. (Does this include circuit switch connections? I don’t know)
  • Comcast, since most of its 1.23 million subscribers are using old circuit switched technology.
  • Cablevision has 373,482 subs and only about 9,000 are non VoIP
  • TWC had 372,000 voice subs
  • Charter has total of 55,300
  • Insight has 68,600.

2 Responses to “Cable, New Voice Kings”

  1. daryl

    For Cox, I think that is both circuit and VoIP. Cox is very big in circuit swithed in Omaha NE, Orange County CA, and Phoenix, AZ. Those 3 markets make up most of their voice lines.