3 Launches Mobile Blogging Service

Yospace Logo3UK has launched a moblogging service in partnership with Yospace, which announced the launch of its service a few weeks ago. This is not the first moblogging service — anyone with an MMS-enabled cameraphone has been able to moblog for quite a while now. But it could well be the first time a UK operator has offered the service, which is strange considering how well it supports what they’re trying to do. 3’s three million customers can “share mugshots, arty scenes and video clips captured on their video mobile via the Web”.
Not only does this encourage people to buy higher-end handsets, it encourages them to use MMS — a service that followed most mobile technologies in failing to live up to the hype with which it was launched…at least so far. Plus, as people look at their friends blogs they begin to consider starting their own, so the service is self-marketing. The idea also ties in with the concept that the most popular content for mobiles will be the same as for the internet — user generated content.
The big thing with 3’s announcement is that it makes mobloggin a lot simpler. While it was pretty simple before, most people are put off by anything more than a complete pre-made system, which 3 now offers. “3’s My Gallery is set to transform blogging from a ‘geeky’ hobby to a mainstream communication method. The immediacy of this type of web publishing means that people can comment instantly as it happens, on the move” added David Springall of YoSpace. It’s a great development, but I wish the companies wouldn’t try to imply they came up with the idea…
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